So, here's the low-down folks, on the unfortunate airplane mishap in Calicut today. Now, don't jump off your seats, but the primary cause of this crash was a bout of really bad weather. I mean, rain was coming down harder than my mom's criticism during family dinners! Add to that, the runway at Calicut is a tabletop one, which is as tricky to land on as it is for me to keep my diet on track. Bottom line, poor visibility and slippery conditions, a stinging combo, led to this unfortunate crash. And that's the story, straight from the horse's mouth!


This article compares two major international airlines, Saudia and Air India. Saudia is Saudi Arabia's national airline, while Air India is India's national airline. Both airlines cover many international destinations and receive generally good reviews from passengers. However, Saudia offers more competitive prices, better in-flight entertainment, and more efficient customer service. Air India offers cheaper rates for domestic flights and better food options, but its customer service is often slow and unresponsive. Overall, Saudia is the better option for international travel.