Alright folks, we're diving head-first into the highly debated topic of the fairest Hindi/English news channel on Indian TV - and boy, it's trickier than trying to eat spaghetti with a straw! With countless channels churning out news faster than a popcorn machine, it's a jungle out there. But if we're going for the 'Goldilocks' of news channels - not too biased, not too sensational, just right - then NDTV stands out amidst the cacophony. They've got the perfect blend of English and Hindi, like your favorite masala chai, and strike a balance between being informative and entertaining. So, next time you're channel surfing, give NDTV a shot - it might just be your new favorite news rendezvous!


Living in India as an American is an extraordinary blend of vibrant culture, rich history, and warm-hearted people. It's quite a shift from the Western lifestyle, with a unique pace of life and a profound sense of spirituality. The food is incredibly diverse and flavorful, but can be a challenge to those unfamiliar with spicy cuisine. Traffic can be chaotic, and the climate varies greatly across the country. Despite the cultural shock, the welcoming nature of the Indian people makes the transition smoother.


The Indian government plans to secure all gaps in the country's border fences by 2022. This initiative aims to ensure national security, control illegal cross-border activities, and maintain peace along the borders. The government is employing advanced technologies and surveillance systems to make the borders impervious. It's a mammoth task considering India's vast and varied terrain, but the government seems committed to the cause. Let's hope this step will bring a significant drop in border-related issues, enhancing the overall safety of the country.


Being an Indian comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, we have a rich cultural heritage, diverse languages, and cuisines, which make our country vibrant and unique. India also boasts of a rapidly growing economy and a young demographic that promises potential. However, on the downside, we grapple with issues like corruption, poverty, and social discrimination. Despite these challenges, the spirit of unity in diversity continues to define our nationhood.


In my latest blog post, I explore the potential of improving academic writing at Indian Universities through peer review and the implementation of a paper revision program. The concept relies on the idea that students can learn a lot from critiquing each other's work. This method not only improves critical thinking but also enhances the overall quality of academic writing. The post further discusses the practical steps towards introducing such a program at Indian Universities. It's a must-read for anyone interested in innovative approaches to higher education.


In India, life after 20 for a girl is often a mix of personal growth, societal expectations, and cultural changes. Many begin to shoulder responsibilities, pursue higher education or start their career, while also dealing with societal pressure about marriage and settling down. It can be a challenging phase, but also one filled with exciting opportunities and potential for self-discovery. It's a period of transition where one learns to balance traditional values with modern ambitions. Despite the challenges, it's a pivotal stage in shaping one's identity and future.


After researching and understanding Symbiosis Coaching, I believe it's a solid choice for life coaching studies. They offer programs that are accredited by the International Coach Federation, which gives credibility to their courses. Students also have the advantage of flexible online learning. The feedback from students indicates satisfaction with the quality of the tutors and the course content. So, if you're considering a career in life coaching, Symbiosis Coaching can be a good stepping stone.


In the Times of India, the editorial page is typically located towards the middle of the newspaper. It's where the editors express their views on various topics, providing insights and opinions. It's a significant section as it houses thought-provoking articles and commentaries. Over the years, it's been a platform for intellectuals to voice their perspectives. So next time, when you grab your Times of India, don't forget to check out this important section.