Quantitative Aptitude :: Profit and Loss Problems And Answers

Profit and Loss Formulaes

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. A table is bought for Rs.600/- and sold at Rs.700/- find gain or loss percentage

A. 25% loss B. 30% gian
C. 25% gian D. 30% loss

2. A bat is bought for Rs.800 and sold at a gain of 20% find its selling price

A. Rs.920/- B. Rs.950/-
C. Rs.860/- D. Rs.960/-

3. A chair is bought for Rs.800/- and sold at Rs.720/- find the loss percentage

A. 10% Loss B. 10% Gain
C. 12% Loss D. 12% Gain

4. A chair is bought for Rs. 800/- and sold at a loss of 10% find its selling price

A. Rs. 720/- B. Rs. 600/-
C. Rs. 630/- D. Rs. 820/-

5. By selling a watch for Rs. 980/-, a man loses 30% what is that watch cost price

A. Rs. 1200/- B. Rs. 1300/-
C. Rs. 1400/- D. None of these

6. By selling a bat for Rs. 640/- a man loses 20% what is that bat cost price

A. Rs.800/- B. Rs.820/
C. Rs.840/ D. Rs.860/

7. By selling a watch for Rs. 720/- a man loses 20% at what price should he sell it to gain 10%?

A. Rs.810/- B. Rs.880/-
C. Rs.900/- D. Rs.990/-

8. A man sells an article at 20% gain. Had be sold at for Rs. 80/- more he could have gained 30% what is cost price of article

A. Rs.500/- B. Rs.600/-
C. Rs.700/- D. Rs.800/-

9. A man sells an article at 15% loss. Had he sold it for Rs. 140/-  more he could have gained 20%. What is the cost price of the article?

A. Rs.420/- B. Rs.400/-
C. Rs.460/- D. None of these

10. A man sells an article at 7% loss. Had he sold it for Rs. 105/-  more he could have gained 8%. what is the cost price of the article

A. Rs. 522/- B. Rs. 622/-
C. Rs. 700/- D. Rs. 600/-

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