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Profit and Loss Formulaes

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101. A fruit seller buys lemons at 2 for a rupee and sells them at  5 for three rupees. His gain percent is

A. 10% B. 15%
C. 20% D. 25%

102. After deducting a commission of 5%, a TV set costs Rs.9595. Its marked price is 

A. Rs.10000 B. Rs.10074.25 
C. Rs.10100 D. Rs.12000

103. If a person sells a ‘sari’ for Rs.5200, making a profit of 30%, then the cost price of the sari is

A. Rs.4420 B. Rs.4000 
C. Rs.3900 D. Rs.3800 

104. If the selling price of 40 articles is equals to the cost price of 50 articles, then the loss or gain per cent is

A. 25% loss B. 20%loss
C. 25% gain D. 20% gain

105. Oranges are bought at the rate of 10 for Rs.25 and sold at the rate of 9 for Rs.25. The profit is

A. 9 1/11% B. 10%
C. 11 1/9%  D. 12 ½%

106. Nikhil bought a painting at a certain price and sold it at Rs.462000 which was 10% more than the original price. What was the price at which Nikhil bought the painting?

A. Rs.420000 B. Rs.440000 
C. Rs.402000  D. Cannot be determined

107. The labeled price of a product is Rs.620. If it is sold at 15% discount and the dealers earn a 20% profit, what is the cost price?

A. Rs.439.16 B. Rs.423.16
C. Rs.412.16 D. Rs.436.11

108.  If  the cost of 12 pencils is equal to selling price of 10 pencils, the profit per cent in  the transaction is

A. 16 2/3%   B. 18%
C. 20% D. 25%

109. When a discount of 12% on the marked price of an article is allowed, the article is sold for Rs.264. The marked price of the article is

A. Rs.300 B. Rs.276
C. Rs.312  D. Rs.325

110. Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equivalent to a single discount of

A. 35% B. 32%
C. 17.5% D. 17%  

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