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1. The difference between the number and its three fifth is 40, what is the number?

A. 80 B. 100
C. 90 D. 120

2. If the number is decreased by 5 and divided by 7 the result is 7. What would be the result if 4 is subtracted and divided by 10?

A. 4 B. 7
C. 8 D. 5

3. When 20 is subtracted from a number, it reduces to seven-twelve of the number. What is the sum of the digit of the number?

A. 40 B. 44
C. 46 D. 48

4. If the number is divided by 3, it reduced by 34. The number is

A. 51 B. 50
C. 45 D. 40

5. A number whose one-fourth part is increased by 5 is equal to the third part diminished by 5.

A. 100 B. 80
C. 120 D. 60

6. If one-third of one-fourth of the number is 10, then two-fifth of that number is

A. 80 B. 70
C. 60 D. None of these

7. The difference between the two numbers is 1/3 of the larger number. If the smaller one is 48 the larger one is

A. 72 B. 60
C. 32 D. 96

8. A number is tripled and added 3, if the resultant is doubled it becomes 30, what is the number?

A. 3 B. 4
C. 5 D. 7

9. Three-fifth of a number is 40 more than its one-third, the number is

A. 100 B. 150
C. 46 D. 250

10. If one-seventh of the number exceeds its eleventh part by 100, then the number is 

A. 770 B. 1485
C. 1540 D. 1925

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