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1. An aeroplane covers a certain distance of 420 Kmph in 6 hours. to cover the same distance in 4 2/3 hours, it Must travel at a speed of 

A. 580 Kmph B. 550 Kmph
C. 540 Kmph D. 530 Kmph

2. The speed of a car is 90kmph. What is the speed in metres per second.

A. 25 m/s B. 40 m/s
C. 35 m/s D. 28 m/s

3. The speed of a car is 10 m/s. What is the its speed in kmph.

A. 25 kmph B. 30 kmph
C. 50 kmph D. 36 kmph

4. A car covers a distance of 720 km in10 hrs. What is its speed in mps.

A. 40 m/s B. 25 m/s
C. 20 m/s D. 15 m/s

5. A man covers a certain distance by car driving at 30 km/hr and he returns back to the starting point riding on a scooter at 10 km/hr. Find his average speed for the whole journey.

A. 8 Km/hr B. 17 Km/hr
C. 15 Km/hr D. 12 km/hr

6. A man is walking at a speed of 6 km per hour. After every km he takes rest for 6 minutes. How much time will he take to cover a distance of 12 km.

A. 3 hr B. 5 hr 42 min
C. 4 hrs. 10 min D. 3 hr. 6 min

7. A person covers a distance in 6 minutes. If runs at a speed of 12 km per hour on an average. Find the speed at which he must run to reduce the time of journey to 5 minutes.

A. 18 m/s B. 4 m/s
C. 15 m/s D. 10 m/s

8. If B takes 20% less time than A, to cover the same distance. What should be the speed of B, if A works at a rate of 10 km/hr?

A. 12.5 km/hr B. 10 km/hr
C. 15 km/hr D. 20 km/hr

9. A car finishes a journey in 20 hours at the speed of 60 km/hr. If the same distance is to be covered in 10 hours, How much speed does the car gain?

A. 80 kmph B. 50 kmph
C. 120 kmph D. 70 kmph

10. A person has to cover a distance of 6 km in 45 minutes. If he covers one-half of the distance in two-thirds of the total time; to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time, what should be his speed in km/hr?

A. 12 km/hr B. 14 km/hr
C. 10 km/hr D. 8 km/hr

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