General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 11 Question And Answers

1. Name Israel's first woman prime minister?

A. Margaret Thatcher B. Golda Meir
C. Carol Thatcher D. Amanda Thatcher

2. Which organ in the human body works continuously to purify blood?

A. Kidneys B. Heart
C. Liver D. Lungs

3. Who was born blind and deaf but still learned to read and write?

A. Helen Keller B. Anne Sullivan
C. Patty Duke D. Anne Bancroft

4. The term "Penalty Corner" belongs to which game?

A. Polo B. Hockey
C. Hunting D. Golf

5. Which is the largest of the 88 constellations?

A. Lynx B. Ophiuchus
C. Hydra D. Virgo

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