General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 7 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. In which year was the Victoria Memorial open to common public?

A. 1923 B. 1921
C. 1931 D. 1927

2. When did Jawaharlal Nehru die?

A. 1961 B. 1962
C. 1963 D. 1964

3. Which year saw Meghalaya become an independent state?

A. 1972 B. 1962
C. 1965 D. 1971

4. When was the first manmade?

A. 10th October 1957 B. 9th October 1957
C. 4th October 1957 D. 5th October 1957

5. How many metres is the shortest running event in an outdoor track?

A.  1000 m B.  100 m
C.  10 m D.  1 m

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