General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 18 Question And Answers

1. What is t e traditional Indian folk theatre that enacts episodes of Lord Krishna's life called? 

A. Ramlila B. Raslila
C. Krishnalila D. None of these

2. Which place is known as "the City of Golden Gate" ? 

A. California B. San Francisco 
C. Sacramento D. Anaheim

3. What is Aaroh of a raga ? 

A. Sequence of notes in Ascending order  B. Successiveness of notes in Ascending order 
C. Sequence of notes in Ascension order  D. Sequence of notes in Ascending ordeal 

4. Which football leaguge has been at the top in Italy since 1929 ? 

A. Sampdoria B. Serie A
C. Serie B D. Serie C

5. What is an unwanted email called ? 

A. Spamming B. Spami
C. Spame D. Spam 

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