General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 15 Question And Answers

1. Who said that all planetary objects move in an elliptical path with the sun being the centre of the ellipse?

A. Johannes Kepler B. Galileo Galilei
C. Nicolaus Copernicus D. Tycho Brahe

2. Which place is known as "the City of Palaces" ?

A. Kolkata B. Chandigarh
C. New Delhi D. Gurgaon

3. Which organ removes excess water from the body?

A. skeleton B. Kidney
C. ribs D. tongue

4. Which place is known as "the Spice Garden of India" ? 

A. Uttarakhand B. Kerala
C. Assam D. Nagaland

5. In which tiger reserve in Madala, Madhya Pradesh do tigers from freely in their natural habitat?

A. Kanha National Park  B. Balphakram National Park
C. Gorumara National Park D. Hazaribagh National Park

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