General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 19 Question And Answers

1. Name the musical dance drama from Karnataka  

A. Yaksha B. Shagana 
C. Yakshagana  D. None

2. The Brahmaputra Delta is a tiger reserve. Name it ? 

A. Shaheed Minar B. Sunderbans 
C. Gorumara D. Somapura

3. What are fast and rolling pace of Indian semi - classical music called ? 

A. Tappa  B. Pappa 
C. Tatta  D. Fappa 

4. Which is the largest monastery located 10,00ft in Arunachal Pradesh ? 

A. Naharlagun railway station B. Parshuram Kund
C. Tawang Monastery  D. Parshuram

5. Name the important centre of Buddhist learning on River Indus that was influenced by Persia, Greece and Central Asia from the 5th century BC to the second century AD. 

A. Islamabad B. Karachi
C. Lahore D. Taxila 

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