General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 3 Question And Answers

1. Who discovered the Laughter Therapy?

A. Norman Cousins B. Dr. Madan Kataria
C. Norman D. None

2. On which day did the Indian National Congress declare complete Independence or Purna Swaraj?

A. 25th January 1930 B. 26th January 1930
C. 27th January 1930 D. 28th January 1930

3. Name the smallest bone in the Human Body ?

A. the stirrup in the middle ear B.  middle nose
C. Stapes or the stirrup in the middle ear D. the stirrup in the middle tongue

4. Which method of farming is used in areas that receive less rainfall or have no fixed source of irrigation ?

A. Dry Farming B. Wet Farming
C. agricultural D. wetland

5. What are plants that eat meat called ?

A. Herbivores B. raptors 
C. Carnivorous plants / Meat eating plants D. Carnivorous Birds

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