General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 10 Question And Answers

1. Name the cold desert in Asia?

A. Gobi Desert B. Atacama
C. Great Basin D. Iranian

2. Which marine sanctuary in Australia is home to a large number of corals?

A. Whitsunday Islands B. Gret Barrier Reef
C. Fraser Island D. Uluru

3. What is the common name for Psidium guajava?

A. Pitaya B. Fruit
C. Guava D. Papaya

4. A group of monuments in Karnataka was once a seat of the Vijayanagar Empire. Name them?

A. Hampi B. Tarkarli
C. Thekkady D. Vembanad

5. What are plants that grow and live in water called?

A. Aquatic Botany B. Hydrophytes
C. ‎Macrophyte D. ‎Aerenchyma

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