Basic Computer Knowledge :: abbreviations Question And Answers

31. What is the abbreviation of GPRS?

A. General Packet Radio Service B. General Packet Ratio Service
C. General parcel Radio Service D. Gender Packet Radio Service

32. What is the abbreviation of EDGE?

A. Enhanced Data Rates for globular Evolution B. Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution
C. Enhanced information Rates for Global Evolution D. Enhanced Data Rates for Global evolutionism

33. What is the abbreviation of NFC?

A. Nearby field communication B. Near field communication
C. Near field communicating D. Near fiefdom communication

34. What is the abbreviation of OTG?

A. on-the-go B. on-they-go
C. on-the-gone D. one-the-go

35. What is the abbreviation of S-LCD?

A. Super Liquid Crystal Displacer B. Superable Liquid Crystal Display
C. Super Liquid Crystal Display D. Super Liquid crystallizing Display

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