Basic Computer Knowledge :: abbreviations Question And Answers

21. What is the abbreviation of QVGA?

A. Quarter View Graphics Array B. Quarter Video Graphics Array
C. Quarter Video Graphics Arrive D. Quarter Video Graphitic Array

22. What is the abbreviation of WVGA?

A. Wide video graphics array B. Wide victual graphics array
C. Web video graphics array D. Wide video graphics Area

23. What is the abbreviation of WXGA?

A. Webscreen Extended Graphics Array B. Worldscreen Extended Graphics Array
C. Widescreen Extended Graphics Array D. Widescreen extendible Graphics Array

24. What is the abbreviation of USB?

A. Universal Sequent Bus B. Universal sequential  Bus
C. Universal successive Bus D. Universal serial Bus

25. What is the abbreviation of WLAN?

A. Wireless Local Area Network B. Wire Less Area Network
C. Wire Local Area Network D. Wireless Local Arena Network

26. What is the abbreviation of PPI?

A. Pixel Per Inch B. Pixels Per Incheon
C. Pixels Per Inch D. Pixels Percale Inch

27. What is the abbreviation of LCD?

A. Liquified Crystal Display B. Liquid Cryptotis Display
C. Liquidity Crystal Display D. Liquid Crystal Display

28. What is the abbreviation of HSDPA?

A. High speed down-link packet access B. High Search down-link packet access
C. High speed down-link Packera access D. High speed down-link packet admittance

29. What is the abbreviation of HSUPA?

A. High-Speed Uplink Parcel Access B. High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
C. High-Speech Uplink Parcel Access D. High-Speech Uplink Packet Access

30. What is the abbreviation of HSPA?

A. High Speed Packet Approach B. High Speed Packet Access
C. High Speech Packet Access D. High Speed Parcel Access

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