Basic Computer Knowledge :: abbreviations Question And Answers

11. What is the abbreviation of UPS?

A. uninterruptible power supply B. unit power supply
C. uninterruptible possession supply D. uninterruptible power support

12. What is the abbreviation of HDMI?

A. High-Deaccession Multimedia Interface
B. High-Definition Multimedia Interface
C. High-Definition Multichannel Interface D. High-Definition Multimedia interact

13. What is the abbreviation of VPN?

A. virtuality private network B. virtual persons network
C. virtual public network D. virtual private network

14. What is the abbreviation of APN?

A. Access Point Name B. Axis Point Name
C. Access Power Name D. Accessary Point Name

15. What is the abbreviation of SIM?

A. Subscriber Identity Module B. Subscriber Identity Modularity
C. Service Identity Module D. Subscriber Individual Module

16. What is the abbreviation of LED?

A. Light emitting diode B. Light emitted diode
C. Light express diode D. Light emitting diodon

17. What is the abbreviation of DLNA?

A. Digital Living Networks Alliance B. Digital Living Network Alliance
C. Digital Living Network Alignment D. Digital Leaving Network Alliance

18. What is the abbreviation of RAM?

A. Random access memory B. Read access memory
C. Random Axis memory D. Read Axis memory

19. What is the abbreviation of ROM?

A. Random only memory B. Read only memory
C. Read on memory D. Read on memorability

20. What is the abbreviation of VGA?

A. Video Graphics Array B. Video Graphical Array
C. Video Graphical Aligned D. Video Graphics Arrays

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