Basic Computer Knowledge :: SBI Clerk Computer general Question And Answers

1. To connect networks of similar protocols, _______ are used

A. Routers B. Gateways
C. Bridges D. Dial-up routes

2. A programming language having a ____- is slow in execution

A. Interpreter B. Compiler
C. Linker D. Assembler

3. ________ key is the example of Toggle key

A. Control B. Escape
C. Caps Lock D. Alt

4. Which file(s) can be executed without mentioning its extension name.

A. .exe B. .bat
C. .com D. All the above

5. The disks stores information in 

A. Tracks and Sectors B. Blocks
C. Rows and Columns D. Tables

6. _____ is feature for scheduling and multi programming to provide an economical inter active system of two or more users

A. Multitasking B. Multiprocessing
C. Time tracking D. Time sharing

7. Producing output involves

A. accepting information from the outside world B. moving and storing information
C. communicating information to the outside world. D. communication with another computer.

8. _______ is a cross between human language and a programming language.

A. Pseudocode B. The Java Virtual Machine
C. Java D. The Compiler

9. The shortcut key to print documents is__________

A. Ctrl+P B. Ctrl+C
C. Ctrl+B D. Ctrl+A

10. Viruses, Trojan horses and Worms are _________

A. harmless applications resident on computer B. able to harm computer system
C. unable to detect if present on computer D. user-friendly applications

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