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Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

11. In the final of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, he shared a match-winning partnership with his captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Name the cricketer?

A. Gautam Gambhir B. Yuvraj Singh
C. Suresh Raina D. Virat Kohli
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12. Name the largest molluscs on earth?

A. Giant Clams B. Giant African Land Snail
C. Gerbil D. Guppy
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13. Which place is known as "The Key of the Mediterranean"?

A. Catalan Bay B. Gibraltar
C. Rock of Gibraltar D. Europa Point
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14. Which wildlife sanctuary lies in the sourthwest of Gujarat that protects the last wild population of lions outside the African region?

A. Keoladeo National Park B. Rajaji National Park
C. Gir National Park D. Jim Corbett National Park
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15. Which is the Indian semi-classical form of music which consists of rhyming couplets of Urdu - Persian poetry with relationships as its main theme?

A. Ghazal B. Hawain
C. Guitar D. Kabuli
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