General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 12 Question And Answers

1. The PGA championship is a championship for which sport?

A. Climbing B. Gymnastics
C. Golf D. Hunting
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2. Which bone in the human body is the only one which is not connected to any other bone?

A. Hyoid bone at the base of the tongue B. hyoid bone anatomy
C. hyoid bone fracture D. hyoid bone fracture symptoms
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3. In which year did India participate in the Olympic Games for the first time?

A. in 1903 at the Paris Olympics B. in 1902 at the Paris Olympics
C. in 1920 at the Paris Olympics D. in 1900 at the Paris Olympics
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4. Which memorial was built in memory of those Indian soldiers in the British Army who lost their lives in the First World War?

A. Jama Masjid B. The Red Fort
C. Indian Gate D. Qutb Minar
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5. Which is the oldest political party in our country?

A. Indian National Congress B.

Bharatiya Janata Party

C. telugu desam party D. None of these
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