Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 13 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

11. Which of the following is the purpose owing to which banks have created Investment Fluctuation Reserves (IFR) ? This will hep them in managing?

A. Interest Rate Risk B. CRR
C. SLR D. Foreign Currency Account
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12. Many a time we come across a term in banking sector "Retail Banking". What does it really mean ? In simple words Retail Banking is to provide Banking Services ?

A. Entirely to agricultural sector only B. Only to individual customers in an integrated manner
C. Only to Self Help Groups for their Survival D. Only to big corporate and business houses
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13. Consider the following statemetns __________________
A. Bond price and interest rate are positively related.
B. Bond price and interest rate are negatively related.
C. Credit cretion varies directly with Cash Reserve Ration (CRR)
D. Credit Creation varies inversely with cash Reserve Ratio (CRR).
Which of the statements given above is / are correct?

A. A and C B. A and D
C. B and C D. B and D
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14. If interest payment is added to primary deficit, it is equivalent to __________

A. Budget deficit B. Fiscal deficit
C. Deficit financing D. Revenue deficit
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15. The utmost advantage of plastic money is _______

A. Style B. Printing very cheap
C. Shelf life will be longer D. Occupies less space
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16. From January 2010, with which bank, Bank of Baroda and Legal & General (UK) commenced a Life Insurance Joint Venture by name M/s India First Life Insurance Co Ltd?

A. Andhra Bank B. Allahabad Bank
C. Union Bank of India D. Bharatiya Mahila Bank
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17. International Day of Rural Women is observed on ?

A. September 15 B. November 15
C. October 15 D. December 15
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18. Which among the following term is not used in Economics ?

A. Continental Drift B. Balance of Trade
C. Fiscal Deficit D. Elasticity
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19. What is meant by "Public Sector Bank" ?

A. The bank runs by the government having the Directors elected by the public B. Government of India or RBI or both have the least 51% shares in the bank
C. The Bank gives the accounts to Government only but not private individuals D. More people visit these banks
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20. The RBI on 30th June 2011 liberalized foreign direct investment norms allowing corporates to pay for import of _________ by issuing equity to their suppliers

A. Capital goods B. Machinery
C. Equipment D. All the above
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