Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 18 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. What is a "Soft Currency"

A. A currency whose exchange rate has tendency to fluctuate B. A currency which can be easily used for settling any International transactions
C. A currency which cannot be used for setting international transactions because it does not command a value in the International market D. A currency which is available by way of soft loans from international agencies
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2. Consider the following statements about 'Project SANGAM' and state which of them are true?
A. Project 'SANGAM' will provide useful Management Information System (MIS) to the financial planners in the Ministry of Defense
B. It is a software which will facilitate issuance of corrigendam pension pay orders
C. This will address the demand from the ex-servicemen for issue of individual correigendum pension payment order consequent to implementation of recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission.
D. This software project is one step forward from the project 'Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana' which was launched on occasion of Defense Account Department Day

A. A, B and D B. A, B and C
C. B, C and D D. Only D
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3. All commercial banks demand deposit liabilities may decrease as a result of

A. An inflow of cash B. A decrease in loans
C. An increase in security holdings D. The chasing of a cheque by an individual or a firm
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4. Consider the following statements and state which of them are true?
A. According to RBI, Banks will have to credit the wrongly debited amount to th customer's account due to failed ATMs transactions within ten days of complaint as against current norms of twelve day
B. The free transactions allowed at non-home bank ATMs would now also include non-financial transactions
C. Currently, customers are allowed a limited number of free transactions, generally five, for cash withdrawal & other financial transactions from other bank ATMs, while there is no cap on number of free non-financial transactions

A. Only A B. B and C
C. A and C D. Only B
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5. Foreign Exchange Rates in India are determined by

C. Planning Commission D. Market Forces of Demand / Supply
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6. The bank rate means _______________

A. Rate of Interest charged by commercial banks form borrowers B. Rate of Interest at which commercial banks discounted bills fo their borrowers
C. Rate of Interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits D. Rate at which RBI purchases or re-discounts bills of exchange of commercial banks
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7. Amar has an account in State Bank of India. He issued a crossed cheque to Satish. Then sathish __________

A. Should deposit cheque in his bank account. B. Can go to bank counter and get money directly
C. Can ask the bank to change crossed cheque in to bearer cheque to get cash D. Satish can cancel the crossing to get cash
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8. Narasimhan deposited Rs. 10000/- in his savings account and got counterfoil. In his pass book, the deposit entry made and his present balance is Rs. 15,000/-. Later he got mobile alert that he deposited Rs. 1000/- only. Then _________

A. Narasimhan is eligible to withdraw Rs. 10000 only. B. Mobile alert resembles the balance and his present balance is Rs. 11,000/- only
C. Bank asks Naraimhan to deposit Rs. 4000 again D. He need not worry because mobile alerts need not resemble the accurate balance in account. His balance stands at Rs. 15,000/-
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9. Ananth received PIN (Personal Identification Number) for his debit card by registered post. Then ____________

A. He should not share this number with anybody B. He can share this number with anybody
C. PIN is not confidential so he can share this anywhere D. He should share this number in his Facebook account
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10. If the point of sales terminals are non complaint of the fraud card transaction, issuing bank should pay the disputed amount to the customer within __________ working days.

A. 10 B. 20
C. 30 D. 7
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