Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 11 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

16. What is the required minimum worth of any NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) should have to set up White Label ATMs?

A. 50 Crores B. 100 Crores
C. 500 Crores D. 1000 Crores
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17. State Bank of India ties up with Banco Bibao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A (BBVA) to develop business operations. Banco Bibao Vizcaya Argentaria head office is located in ?

A. Sweden B. Spain
C. India D. Argentina
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18. First Indian IMGC has set up by NGH (National Housing Bank), IFC (International Finance Corporation), US based Gen worth and ADB (Asian Development Bank). IMGC stands for?

A. Indian Money Guarantee Company B. Indian Maturity Guarantee Corporation
C. International Money Guarantee Company D. Indian Mortgage Guarantee Company
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19. Which International Monetary Organization funded North East Rural Livelihood Project (NERLP) in the four states of Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura?

A. World Bank B. USAID
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20. Which Indian Banking Group has attained more than 51,000 ATMs by 31st March 2014?

A. SBI (including it's associates) B. Union Bank of India
C. Indian Bank D. ICICI
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21. Which committee proposed to raise the compulsory insurance of bank deposits up to 5 lakhs ?

A. Arvind Mayaram B. Damodaran
C. Syamala Gopinath D. Usha Thorat
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22. With whom, banks usually insure the deposit of the customers ?

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23. The RBI revised premature deposit rules of ?

A. Small savings accounts B. Large value fixed deposit accounts
C. Big size savings accounts D. dollar savings accounts
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24. The familiar combination come under "Demand Deposits" ?

A. Saving Account, Current Account B. Fixed deposit, Current Account
C. Current Account, Recurring Account D. Saving Account, Fixed Deposit
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25. The highlight of demand deposit is ________

A. multiple deposits B. multiple withdrawals
C. any time banking D. All of above
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