Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 11 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

6. Who wrote "Planned Economy for India " in the year 1934?

A. Dr. VKRV Rao B. M. Visveswaraya
C. Prof. Dantawala D. neela Kanta Rath
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7. Buyers market denotes

A. excess of supply over demand B. equal supply and demand
C. commodities being available at competitive rates D. demand exceeding supply
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8. As per RBI directives, which of the following functions cannot be out sourced by the banks?

A. Opening and closing of account B. Cash collections from the parties
C. Recovery of Bad Loans D. Credit cards and Debit cards
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9. The Foreign Exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of

A. World Bank B. International Monetary Fund
C. Prime Minister Rahat Kosh D. Reserve Bank of India
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10. Capital Market Regulator is

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11. The primary functions of the service co-operatives are

A. provision of short and medium-term credit B. supply of agricultural and other production requirements
C. collection of agricultural produce for sale through the marketing society D. all of these
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12. FIMMDA stands for

A. Foreign investment Markets and Derivatives market Association B. Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
C. Fixed Income and Money Market Development Association D. Floating Income and Money Markets Derivative Assets
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13. Bancassurance is _______

A. an insurance scheme to insure bank deposits B. an insurance scheme exclusively for the employees banks
C. a composite financial service offering both bank and insurance products D. a bank deposit scheme exclusively for employees of insurance companies
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14. 'Sugam' is a scheme launched for

A. small tax payers B. Pensioners getting old age pension
C. Big corporate houses D. Getting all sorts of permission / clearances for small exporters
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15. The regulator of the banking system in India is ___________

A. AMFI B. Finance Minister
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