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(Q. 6 – 10) : In a family, there are six members P, Q, R, S, T and U. P and Q are married couple. P is the wife, S is the only daughter of R who is the sister of P. T is the brother of S. Q is the Son-in-low of U. Whose wife is has died.

6. How is U related to P?

A. Mother B. Father 
C. Sister D. Son

7. How is T related to R?

A. Son B. Cousin
C. Daughter D. Sister

8. How is R related to Q?

A. Daughter-in-law B. sister
C. sister-in-law D. aunt

9. How many male members are there in there in the family?

A. One B. Two
C. Four D. Three

10. How is U related to R?

A. Mother B. Mother – in law
C. daughter D. Aunt

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