Reasoning :: Blood Relations Problems And Answers

11. Sumati introduces Radha as the daughter of the only sister of her father’s wife. How is Radha related to sumati?

A. Cousin B. Daughter
C. Sister D. Aunt

12. Pointing towards a Person in a photograph Raju said, “she is the only daughter of the mother of my brother’s sister. “ How is that person related to Raju?

A. Brother B. Father
C. Cousin D. Sister

13. Introducing a man a girl said, He is only Son of my father’s father. How is the girl related to the man?

A. Uncle B. Brother
C. Father D. Daughter

14. A is the sister of B and C.  D is the father of B and G is the mother of A. Which of the following statements is not definitely true?

A. G is Mother of B B. D is husband of G
C. B is father of C D. A is daughter of D

15. Showing the man in a photograph, shwetha said, he is the son my grand mother’s only daughter. How is shwetha related to that man?

A. Brother B. Cousin
C. Sister D. Mother

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