Reasoning :: Blood Relations Problems And Answers

86. Introducing a man, a woman said. "His wife is the only daughter of my father." How is that man related to the woman ? 

A. Brother B. Father-in-law
C. Husband D. Maternal uncle

87. Pointing to a man, a woman said "His mother is the daughter of my mother's  only daughter" . How is the man related to that woman?

A. Son B. Father
C. Brother D. Grand Son

88. If Kamal says, ellavi's mother is the only daughter of my mother", how is Kamal related to Ravi 

A. Grandfather B. Brother
C. Father D. None of these

89. A is the son of B, C.  B's sister has a son D and a daughter E. F is the maternal uncle of D. How is A related to D ? 

A. Cousin B. Brother
C. Uncle D. Nephew

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