General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 20 Question And Answers

1. The champion of which athletic event is considered the world's fastest man ? 

A. the 1000m Olympic Champion  B. the 100m Olympic Champion 
C. the 10000m Olympic Champion  D. the 150m Olympic Champion 

2. Which is the famous folk theatre of Kerala that represents the folk and tribal deities worshiped in various forms ? 

A. Theyyattam  B. Thira
C. Theyyam  D. All the above

3. Which memorial in Kolkata was built in memory of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon ? 

A. Fort William B. Victoria Memorial 
C. Indian Museum D. Maidan

4. What is the expanded form of WCS, a society which aims to protect wild animals and their habitats ? 

A. World Wide Fund for Nature B. The Wildlife Society
C. Wildlife Conservation Society  D. Conservation International

5. Give the expanded form of WPSI, an organization that provides support and information to government authorities to combat poaching and illegal wildlife trade, especially tigers. 

A. World Wide Fund for Nature B. Wildlife Protection Society 
C. National Wildlife Federation D. Conservation International

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