Current Affairs :: April Current Affairs Quiz Test Questions and Answers

1. Which did world Helth day observed?

A. 10th April B. 9th April
C. 7th April D. 8th April

2. When did world malaria day observed?

A. 29th April B. 25th April
C. 27th April D. 28th April

3. National Civil Service day is observed on?

A. 21st April B. 24th April
C. 23rd April D. 22nd April

4. Who is the chief Election commissioner of India?

A. Dr. Sameer Zaidi B. Dr. Nasim Zaidi
C. Dr. Nazeer Zaidi D. Dr. Raheem Zaidi

5. Who is appointed as Indian Ambassador to france?

A. Dr. Mohan Naresh B. Dr. Manish Kumar
C. Dr. Mohan Kumar D. Dr. Madan Kumar

6. Who is appointed as India's first cyber Security Chief?

A. Rai B. Gulzan Rai
C. Ganguli Rai D. Gulshan Rai

7. Who is Attorney general of US?

A. Abner Louima B. Eric Holder
C. Loretta Lynch D. Barack Obama

8. Who is the new Director of ISRO saellite centre?

A. Vikram Sarabhai B. M.Annadurai
C. K. Radhakrishnan D. A. S. Kiran Kumar

9. Who is elected as Prime Minister of France?

A. Vladimir Putin B. Manuel Valls
C. François Hollande D. Manuel Valls

10. Vivek priyadarshi is appointed as head for which committe?

A. SIT on IPL - 6 Spot - fixing B. SIT on IPL - 7 Spot - fixing
C. SIT on IPL - 9 Spot - fixing D. SIT on IPL - 5 Spot - fixing

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