Current Affairs :: Current Affairs November 26 Quiz 2015 Questions and Answers

1. Assocham has appointed which of the following as its President ?

A. Passos Coelho B. Sunil Kanoria
C. Antonio Costa D. Sandeep Jajodia

2. National Milk Day observes on which date ?

A. November 27 B. November 26
C. November 25 D. November 28

3. Active social worker Khekiho Zhimomi, who has been recently passed away was related to which of the following Indian state ?

A. Manipur B. Nagaland
C. Assam D. Sikkim

4. Who has been awarded with Kalinga Samman 2014 for popularising science among the common man in Odisha ?

A. Basanta Behura B. Stefano Fantoni
C. Trilochan Pradhan D. Jeter Bertoletti

5. Ola app has appointed which of the following as its chief financial officer ?

A. Sunil Kanoria B. Bhavish Aggarwal
C. Rajiv Bansal D. Ankit Bhati

6. On which date India has celebrated its first National Constitution Day to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar ?

A. November 27 B. November 25
C. November 28 D. November 26

7. A bill that envisages district-level regulatory authorities to fix the prices of food items in hotels has been ratified by which state govt ?

A. Tamil Nadu B. Karnataka
C. New Delhi D. Kerala

8. IRCTC has tied up with which online delivery firm to enable consumers to order from a variety of cuisine options ?

A. Pizzavito B. Zomato
C. FoodPanda D. GrubHub

9. Winter session of Parliament has been started from November 26th. The legislative agenda includes how many bills for consideration ?

A. 22 B. 18
C. 19 D. 17

10. Govt has extended the RuPay Debit Card usage for a claim under an inbuilt accident insurance cover under PMJDY accounts to how many days ?

A. 100 days B. 90 days
C. 60 days D. 45 days

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