Current Affairs :: May Current Affairs Quiz Test Questions and Answers

1. When did international worker's day observed?

A. 1st May B. 21st May
C. 2nd May D. 3rd May

2. When is Mother's day celebrated?

A. 4th sunday of May B. 3rd sunday of May
C. 2nd sunday of May D. 4th sunday of May

3. Which day is observed on 8th May?

A. Worldredcross and Blood crescent Day B. Worldredcross and Red crescent Day
C. Indiaredcross and Red crescent Day D. None of these

4. When did world Tobacco day observed?

A. 28th May B. 29th May
C. 31st May D. 21st May

5. What is 24th May?

A. god of wealth day B. health is wealth day
C. water wealth day D. Common weaith day

6. Who is appointed as Election commissioner?

A. Anupam Mittal B. Murugavel Janakiraman
C. Achal Kumar Jyoti D. Anupam Mittal

7. Who is MD & SEO Syndicate Bank?

A. Carl Pomerance B. Arun Saxena
C. Nitin Saxena D. Avi Wigderson

8. Who is the first first women Governor of Jarkhand?

A. Hillary Rodham B. Sarah Palin
C. Charles Curtis D. Draupadi Murmu

9. Who is the new Governor of manipal?

A. Zameer Uddin Shah B. Shibli Nomani
C. Dr.Syed Ahmed D. Muhammad Iqbal

10. Who is the president of 68th world health Assembly?

A. JP.Nadda B. Konidala Chiranjeevi
C. Y. S. Chowdary D. T.Devender Goud

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