Current Affairs :: Current Affairs November 15 Quiz 2015 Questions and Answers

1. Who has won women’s singles title of China Open Badminton series 2015 ?

A. Nozomi Okuhara B. Wang Yihan
C. Li Xuerui D. Saina Nehwal

2. Which Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) has been handed over to Indian Navy by Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar ?

A. Shyena B. Barak
C. Maareech D. SMB

3. Warren Mitchell, who passed away recently was related to which field ?

A. Writer B. Actor
C. Politician D. Lawyer

4. J&K Govt will implement which Act in state which is announced by Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public distribution Choudhary Zulfkar Ali ?

A. Food Safety and Standards Rules B. National Food Safety Act
C. Food Safety and Standards Act D. Food Safety Modernization Act

5. Which of the following Indian city has not been listed in the Trivago’s Best Value Index for high quality services in hotels ?

A. Wayanad B. Amritsar
C. Jodhpur D. Rishikesh

6. Which environmental NGO has launched “Clean Air Nation” App that will provide real-time air pollution levels and precautionary measures ?

A. Navdanya B. Care Earth Trust
C. Kalpavriksh D. Greenpeace India

7. How much surcharge levied on getting the Permanent Account Number (PAN), whose cost is increased due the imposition of the Swachh Bharat cess ?

A. 0.6% B. 0.7%
C. 0.5% D. 0.3%

8. Navy Chief Admiral R K Dhowan has commissioned the former Shipwright School (SWC) as which of the following INS at Eastern Naval Command (ENC) in Visakhapatnam ?

A. INS Vishwakarma B. INS Vikrant
C. INS Vikramaditya D. INS Vishal

9. Gyps Vulture Reintroduction Programme, by releasing 10 captive bred vultures in the pre-release aviaries is launched in which state ?

A. Karnataka B. Tamil Nadu
C. Haryana D. Rajasthan

10. In which Chinese city the first Yoga institute established by India outside the country to promote cultural exchange and bilateral ties ?

A. Kaifeng B. Kaiping
C. Kunming D. Kaili

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