Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 7 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. Which of the following is TRUE about the National Rural Employment Guarantee act?
A) IT is applicable only in 100 rural districts
B) It gives a guaranteed employment of 100 days to all those who are eligible for the same and are also willing to take it
C) This act is applicable only for men between the age of 21-65. Women do not get the benefit of the same

A. Only A B. Only B
C. Only C D. All A, B and C

2. IMF was established to meet which of the following objectives?
A) Promoting International Monetary Cooperation
B) Expanding International Trade
C) Lessening the disequilibrium in balance of trade<br />D) Avoiding competitive exchange depreciation

A. A, B and C only B. A, C and D only
C. B and D only D. All A, B, C and D

3. The earliest efforts in the direction of setting up special land mortgage banks were made in ?

A. West Bengal when the first co-operative land mortgage bank was organized in 24 parganas in 1884 B. In Punjab when the first co-operative land mortgage bank was organized in Jhang in 1920
C. Orissa when the first co-operative land mortgage bank was organized in Jhang in 1834 D. All of these

4. Govt. of India has created a special India Micro finance Equity Fund of Rs. 100 Crores. The fund is maintained by

C. SIDB D. None of these

5. The formal or institutional credit delivery system in rural India comprises which of the following ?
A) Cooperative Credit Institutions
B) Commercial Banks
C) Regional Rural Banks
D) Self-Help Groups

A. Only A and B B. Only C and D
C. Only A, B and C D. All A, B, C and D

6. Expand the term ALM as used in Banking / Finance sector ?

A. Asset Liability Mismatch B. Asset Liability Maturity
C. Asset Liability Management D. Asset Liability Manpower

7. The first Credit Card was issued in India by VISA in the year?

A. 1994 B. 1991
C. 1986 D. 1981

8. A Banking Ombudsman&nbsp; will not entertain Credit Card complaints which are more than ______________ months old

A. 3 months B. 6 months
C. 9 months D. 12 months

9. The machines installed by varoius banks to disburse money to general public are called?

A. ATMs B. Computers
C. Softwares D. None

10. A centralized database with online connectivity to branches, internet as well as ATM network which has been adpoted by almost all major banks of our country is known as ?

A. ​Core Banking B. Banking
C. Center Banking D. Advanced Banking

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