Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 6 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. From which date banks were allowed free to fix base rates by RBI?

A. April 1, 2012 B. May 1, 2011
C. April 1, 2011 D. June 1, 2011

2. Growth in M0 (Reserve money) during 2009-10 was?

A. 17 percent B. 16 percent
C. 18 percent D. 19 percent

3. Which committee recommended the measurments like M0, M1, M2 and M3 ?

A. Y. V. Committee B. Y. V. Reddy Committee
C. Y. V. Reddy  D. None of these

4. Which law states that Bad money drives good money out of circulation?

A. Canon law B. Thiers' Law
C. Gresham's Lake D. Greshnams Law

5. Time deposits with banks are included in which measures of money stock?

A. M6 and M7 B. M5 and M6
C. M3 and M4 D. M4 and M5

6. The RBI can increase the demand deposit component of the money supply by ?

A. Lowering reserve requirements B. Lowering reserve requirements and increasing the volume of reserves
C. Lowering reserve requirements and heightening the volume of reserves D. lowery reserve requirements and increasing the volume of reserves

7. Open market operations means sale or purchase in the open market of?

A. Government Sureties B. Administration Securities
C. Government Securities D. Government certificates

8. In an economy high-powered money is equal to?

A. Monetary liabilities of Central Bank and Govt Money B. Monetary liabilities of Axis Bank and Govt Money
C. Monetary liabilities of ICICI Bank and Govt Money D. Monetary liabilities of HDFC Bank and Govt Money

9. Saving deposits are not a part of money stock measure M1 because ?

A. They are not used as Maxmim of exchange B. They are not used as medium of exchange
C. They are used as medium of exchange D. None of these

10. Which factor does not affect the balance sheet of Reserve Bank of India?

A. Loan taken by one commercial bank from the other B. Loan taken by one ICICI bank from the other
C. Loan taken by one HDFC bank from the other D. Loan taken by one SBI bank from the other

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