Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 1 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

1. Which bill related to provide Operaitonal flexibility to central bank to fix SLR and CRR for different banks?

A. The RBI (Amendment) Bill 2005 B. The RBI (Amendment) Bill 2006
C. The RBI (Amendment) Bill 2007 D. The RBI (Amendment) Bill 2004

2. RBI introduced Banking Ombudsman scheme in which year? 

A. 1995 B. 1996
C. 1997 D. 1998

3. The proportion of Non - Banking financial companies assets in the total assets of the financial systems?

A. 12 percent B. 11 percent
C. 13 percent D. 14 percent

4. Under which act Local Area Banks can be established by private promoters?

A. Company Act – 1959 B. Company Act – 1956
C. Company Act – 1950 D. Company Act – 1953

5. Who is the chairman of the working group constituted by RBI to provide suggestions on regulating loans to organized sector?

A. C. S. Gupta B. S. S. Gupta
C. S. E. Gupta D. S. C. Gupta

6. The most liquid of all assets is?

A. Currency B. Wealth
C. monetize D. Money

7. If reserve Bank of India raises the Cash Reserve Ration then?

A. The value of money multiplier decreases B. The value of money decreases
C. The value of money  D. The value of multiplier decreases

8. Other things being equal, an increase in the supply of money?

A. Lowers nominal interest rate and raises aggregative demand B. Lowers nominal interest rate and raises aggregate demand
C. Lowers nominal interest rate D. raises aggregate demand

9. The function of World Bank (IBRD) is?

A. ​Promote growth of International trade and equipoise B. Advance growth of International trade and equilibrium
C. Promote growth of International trade and equilibrium D. Promote growth of external trade and equilibrium

10. The supply of money consists of?

A. Notes, Coins and Demand Deposits B. Gold, Coins and Demand Deposits
C. Notes, Gold and Demand Deposits D. Notes, Coins and Gold Deposits

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