Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 12 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

6. The Draft of the Five Year Plans in India is approved by the

A. National Development Council B. Planning Commission
C. National Productivity Council D. Ministry of Finance
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7. According to the 2nd monetary policy review presented by RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, repo rate raised by ___________ basis points

A. 36 bps B. 25 bps
C. 60 bps D. 35 bps
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8. The transfer of a loan from one party to another is called

A. Assignment B. Arbitrage
C. Amortization D. Acquisition
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9. The RBI has prescribed that a new private sector bank ___________

A. shall be subject to prudential norms in regard to income recognition, asset classification and provisioning, capital adequacy etc B. shall have to observe priority sector lending targets as applicable to other domestic banks
C. will be required to open rural and semi-urban branches also as may be laid down by RBI D. All of these
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10. By virtue of the amendment carried out by the Regional Rural Bank (Amendment) Act, 1987, the chairman of a Regional Rural Bank is to be appointed by

A. Central Government B. State Government
C. Sponsor Bank in consultation with NABARD D. Reserve Bank of India
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11. SBI has become the first bank to install an ATM at Drass of Jammu Kashmir Kargil region, making it the 27,032nd branch of the Bank on 27th July 2012. What is the importance of Drass ?

A. Second coldest place on Earth B. Lowest populated place in India
C. Drass is in Bangladesh D. This is the hottest place on earth
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12. Which bank opened over 3,000 'Zero Balance' savings accounts under the 'Kanyasree' scheme of the West Bengal Government ? (The scheme aim to reduce drop-out rates among girl students)

A. Dena Bank B. State Bank of India
C. Punjab and Sindh Bank D. Allahabad Bank
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13. Where the world's first bit coin ATM opened dispensing hard money in exchange for the anonymous crypto-currency?

A. India B. Canada
C. Japan D. USA
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14. Own your NPA campaign was launched by ?

A. ICICI B. Canara Bank
C. IDBI D. Andhra Bank
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15. Asia's first credit card with Visa Code launched by ?

A. ICICI B. Axis Bank
C. Karnataka Bank Ltd D. SBI
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