Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO Clerks Set 10 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

6. The permission given to a bank customer to draw cheques in excess of his current account balance is called?

A. a personal loan B. an over draft
C. an ordinary loan D. a car loan
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7. The Small Industries Development Bank of India, the principal financial institutions for promotion, financing and development of industries in the small scale sector, started its operation in ____________

A. 1990 B. 1993
C. 1988 D. 1994
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8. Upper limit prescribed for RTGs transaction is ___________

A. Rs. 1 Lakh B. Rs. 2 Lakhs
C. Rs. 5. Lakhs D. No upper limit is prescribed
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9. Recently RBI has released on its website, the report of the Committee on Comprehensive Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies. Who among the following is the chairman of this committee?

A. Dr. K. P. Krishnan B. Subir Gokarn
C. Ashok Chawla D. Vipin Malik
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10. Which of the following controls the working of share market in India?

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11. The National Stock Exchange is located in ____________

A. New Delhi B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata D. Chennai
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12. The market in which long term securities such as stocks and bonds are bought and sold is commonly known as _________

A. Commodities Exchange B. Capital Market
C. Bull Market D. Bullion Market
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13. Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is

A. More than aggregate demand B. Less than aggregate demand
C. Equal to aggregate demand D. All of these
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14. One of the sources of income of banks is to charge fee for certain services. What are some of the services provided by the banks for which they charge fee?
A. Issue of Demand Drafts / Pay Orders
B. Issue of ATM / Credit / Debit Cards
C. Electronic Transfer of Money

A. Only A B. Only B
C. Only C D. All A, B and C
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15. Normally, the following types of customers require higher due diligence under KYC norms, except

A. Politically exposed persons (PEPs) of foreign origin B. non-resident customers
C. farmers with land holding over 10 acres D. high net worth individuals
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