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(Q.6 - 10) : In each question below are four statements followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the four given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the four given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

6. Statements :
   All belts are rollers.
   Some rollers are wheels.
   All wheels are mats.
   Some mats are cars.
   Conclusion :
   I. Some mats are rollers.
   II. Some mats are belts.
   III. Some cars are rollers. 
   IV.  Some rollers are belts.

A. Only I and II follows B. Only I, III and IV follows
C. Only I and IV follow D. Only II, III and IV follow

7. Statements :
    Some tyres are rains.
    Some rains are flowers.
    All flowers are jungles.
    All jungles are tubes.
    Conclusions :
    I. Some jungles are types.
    II. Some tubes are rains.                  r
    III. Some jungles are rains.
    IV. Some tubes are floers.

A. Only I, II and III follows B. Only II, III and IV follows
C. Only I, III and IV follows D. All follow

8. Statements :
      Some birds are goats.
      Some goats are horses.
      Some horses are lions.
      Some lions are tigers.
      Conclusions :
      I. Some tigers are goats.
      II. No tiger is goat.
      III. Some lions are birds.
      IV. No lion is bird.

A. Only either I or II follows B. Only either III or IV follows
C. Only either I or II and III or IV follows D. Only I and II follows

9. Statements :
     All papers are bottles.
     All bottles are cups.
     Some cups are jugs.
     Some jugs are plates.
     Conclusions :
    I. Some plates are cups.
    II. Some plates are bottles.
    III. Some cups are papers.
    IV. Some bottles are papers.

A. Only III and IV follows B. Only I and II follows
C. Only I and III follows D. Only II and IV follows

10. Statements :
    All bulbs are wires.
    No wire is cable.
    Some cables are paints.
    Conclusions :
    I. Some paints are cables.
    II. Some wires are bulbs.
    III. Some brushes are wires.
    IV. Some cables are bulbs.

A. None follows B. Only I and II follow
C. Only II follows D. Only III follows

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