General Knowledge :: Abbreviated Name Questions and Answers

1. ABC is an acronym for Audit Bureau of?

A. Circulation B. Corporation
C. Crime D. None of these

2. ASEAN refers to Association of South - East ---------?

A. African Nations B. American Nations
C. Arab Nations D. Asian Nations

3. Abbreviation of URL is ------------?

A. Uniform Research Locator B. Uniform Resource Language
C. Uniform Resource Locator D. All of the above

4. Elaborate UTI?

A. Unit Technology of India B. Unit Trust of India
C. University Trust of India D. None

5. WHO stands for?

A. World Health Organization B. World Helping Organization
C. Well Health Organization D. None

6. Fullform of DOS?

A. Development Operating System B. Disk Offset System
C. Disk Operating System D. Direct Operating System

7. Find the abbreviation of NARO in the following list?

A. National Television Research Organisation B. National Technical Responsibility Organisation
C. National Technical Research Organisation D. Numerical Technical Research Organisation

8. Find the Abbreviation of SITE in the following list?

A. Satellite Instructional Television Experiment B. Search Instructional Television Experiment
C. Satellite Indian Television Experiment D. Satellite International Television Experiment

9. Fullform of WEO?

A. Western Economic Union B. Western European Union
C. World Exchange Unit D. World European Union

10. Abbreviation of UNIDO is ------------------- ?

A. Union Nations International Development Organization B. Union Nations Industrial Development Office
C. Union Nations Industrial Development Organization D. United Nations Industrial Development Organization

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