Current Affairs :: February Current Affairs Quiz Test 1 Questions and Answers

1. Who is appointed as supreme court judge?

A. Kurian Joseph B. H. L. Dattu
C. Arun Kumar Mishra D. Amitava Roy

2. Who is elected as chief minister of Delhi?

A. Rahul Gandhi B. Manish Sisodia
C. Arvind Kejriwal D. Narendra Modi

3. Who is appointed as Director General of council of scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

A. Sushma Swaraj B. MO Garg
C. Yogendra Yadav D. Kumar Vishwas

4. Who is appointed as Home secretary?

A. N. R. Pillai B. L.C. Goyal
C. Y. N. Sukthankar D. D. S. Joshi

5. What is the Name of first woman president of croatia?

A. Zoran Milanovic B. Ivo Josipovic
C. Ivan Vilibor Sincic D. Kolinda Grabar - Kitarovic

6. World cancer day is observed on?

A. February 7th B. February 6th
C. February 4th D. February 5th

7. Anil sarkar, Who died recently belongs to which party?

A. CPI (M) Leader B. CPM (M) Leader
C. CPJ (M) Leader D. None of these

8. Which of the following days is observed as National Freedom Day (US) every year?

A. 4th February B. 3rd February
C. 1st February D. 2nd February

9. What is the Name of the producer holding Guinness Book record who died recently?

A. Dr. D. Rama Naidu B. Daggubati Suresh Babu

10. Name of Former German president who died recently?

A. Karl Carstens B. Richard Von weizsaecker
C. Walter Scheel D. Heinrich Lübke

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