Basic Computer Knowledge :: MS Office Tools Question And Answers

21. What does SUMIF function do?

A. Adds up cell values based on a condition B. Adds all the numbers in a range of cells
C. Returns a subtotal in a list or database D. All of above

22. You can insert labels for

A. All the data markers on a chart B. A data series
C. A selected data marker D. All

23. Tab scrolling buttons

A. Allow you to view a different worksheet B. Allow you to view additional worksheet row down
C. Allow you to view additional worksheet columns to the righ D. Allow you to view additional sheet tabs

24. You can add a hyperlink to your worksheet by pressing

A. Alt + K B. Ctrl + H
C. Ctrl + K D. Ctrl + Shift + K

25. All macro keyboard shortcuts include the ........ key

A. Alt B. Ctrl
C. F11 D. Shift

26. To open the Format Cells dialog box, press

A. Alt + 1 B. Ctrl + 1
C. Ctrl + Shift + 1 D. F1

27. How can you break the current column and start a new column immediately?

A. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter B. Press Alt + Enter 
C. Press Ctrl + Enter D. Press Alt + Shift + Enter

28. To move the cursor page to page of document 

A. Ctrl+PgDn B. Ctrl+PgUp
C. Both of above D. Ctrl+Delete

29. On which toolbar can you find Format Painter tool?

A. Standard toolbar  B. Formatting toolbar
C. Drawing Toolbar  D. Picture Toolbar

30. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time? 

A. By pressing Ctrl + ] B. By pressing Ctrl + [
C. By pressing Ctrl + } D. By pressing Ctrl + { 

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