General Knowledge Quiz Sets :: GK Quiz set 5 Question And Answers

11. Sir Martin Frobisher discovered these islands in the Arctic Ocean in 1576. Name them?

A. Madagascar B. Baffin Island
C. North Island D. Victoria Island
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12. Which Islands did Christopher Columbus discover in the Caribbean islands off the coast of Miami in 1492?

A. Yemen B. Bahamas
C. Trinidad D. Wetar
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13. The southernmost tiger reserve which was also one of the firsts. Name it ?

A. Bannerghatta National Park B. Betla National Park
C. Chandoli National Park D. Bandipur National Park
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14. Name the bird sanctuary in Rajasthan where in winters one can see the Siberian Crane.

A. Bharatpur Bird Sanctorum B. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
C. Bharatpur Bird sequined D. None of these
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15. Which city is known as "the Land of the Thunderbolt"?

A. Cambodia B. Iceland
C. Bhutan D. Lebanon
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