Basic Computer Knowledge :: Computer Knowledge Interview Question And Answers

31.  Viruses, Trojan horses and Worms are ________

A. able to harm computer system B. harmless applications resident on conputer
C. user-friendly applications D. unable to detect if present on computer
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32. The shortcut key to print documents is ________

A. Ctrl + P B. Ctrl + B
C. Ctrl + C D. Ctrl + A
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33. The components that process data are located in the ________

A. input devices B. output devices
C. storage component D. system unit.
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34. Software refers to ______

A. The physical components that a computer is made of  B. Programs
C. Peopleware D. Firmware
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35. Computers gather data, which means that they allow users to ________ data

A. output B. input
C. present D. display
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36. Language used in a computer that is similar to the languages of human and is easy to understand is referred to as

A. High Level Language B. Machine Language
C. Source Code D. Object Code
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37. A cookie _______

A. stores information about the user's web activity B. stores the commands used by the user
C. stores the password of the user D. stores software developed by the user
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38. A computer programmer _______

A. can enter input data quickly B. does all the thinking for a computer
C. can operate all types of computer equipments D. can draw only flowchart
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39. Which of the following should be used to move a paragraph from one place to another in a Word document?

A. Copy and Paste B. Find and Replace
C. Cut and Paste D. Delete and Retype
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40. Excel documents are stored as files called ______

A. workforce B. worksheets
C. worktables D. workgroups
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