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11. A certain spreadsheet shows in Page Break Preview that cells in Rows 1-25 have white background. The cells in row 26 that contain data have a dark grey background, when you click the Print button ..........

A. nothing will print because some cells with data have been omitted B. only the cells with gray background will print
C. whole sheet will print D. only the cells with white background will print
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12. The view that puts a blue a blue line around each page that would be printed is the ........

A. Print Preview B. Normal View
C. Page Break Preview D. Split View
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13. AutoCalculate will quickly add selected cells if you ........

A. right click on the status bar and select Sum B. click the AutoCalculate button on the toolbar
C. use the key combination Ctrl+$ D. Double click the selection
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14. A constant is another name for this type of data:

A. number B. equation
C. formula D. description
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15. The cell labeled 23. 54 the cell labeled F5 refers to

A. F column 5 B. column F row 5
C. function available in cells D. function key F4
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16. When you are typing an equation into a cell the first thing that must be entered is

A. first cell referenced B. parenthesis
C. quotation marks D. an equal sign
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17. Using the AutoSum button will replace in the selected cell ..........

A. sum of values  in the cell's column B. nothing until you select a range of cells
C. sum of the cell’s row unless you change the range D. formula which will add values in the range Excel guesses you want to add
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18. Book1 is an example of how … are numbered and named during each work session

A. Active cell B. Formula bar
C. Menu bar D. Name box
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19. Which of the following displays the contents of the active cell?

A. Active cell B. Formula bar
C. Name box D. Menu bar
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20. Graphics objects on a chart are used to

A. Add emphasis to chart data B. Add interest to a chart
C. Help explain the chart data D. a, b, and c
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