Basic Computer Knowledge :: Basics of Computers Question And Answers

36. __________ technological barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between computer networks or hosts

A. Virus B. Firewall
C. Programs D. Software
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37. Printers are measured in

A. Dpi B. Degrees
C. Inches D. Scaling
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38. Expand Wi-Fi.

A. Wireless field B. Wireless fidelity
C. Wired field D. Wired fidelity
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39. Debugging the process of

A. Testing B. Finding out the errors in a flowchart
C. Removing errors in a program D. Decoding a program
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40. An antivirus is a

A. Computer B. Program code
C. Brand name D. Application
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41. Coding is the process of

A. Translating algorithm to flowchart B. Translating flowchart to algorithm
C. Translating flowchart or algorithm to a programming language D. All of the above
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42. Which of the following operating system is also known as single user operating system?

A. Windows B. Linux
C. Unix D. DOS
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43. Creeper, Melissa, nimade etc. are the names of _______.

A. Operating system B. Viruses
C. Web browsers D. Search engines
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44. ______ errors occur when a program violates the rules of grammar and expression of a computer language.

A. Syntax error B. Logical error
C. Analytical error D. Run time error
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45. Expand XML

A. Extensible management language B. Extreme markup language
C. Extensible media language D. Extensible markup language
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