Basic Computer Knowledge :: Basics of Computers Question And Answers

16. What keyboard shortcut is used to move the cursor to the beginning or end of a document?

A. Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift B. Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End
C. Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Z D. Ctrl+D or Ctrl+V
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17. Object program means

A. Program written in programming language B. program written in machine language
C. Program written in computer system D. Program written in super computers
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18. Megabytes is approximately equal to

A. 8 bytes B. 2 million bytes
C. 1 million bytes D. 8 million bytes
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19. Software can be classified into how many types?

A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4
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20. All of the following are examples of input devices except?

A. COM (Computer Output Micro film) B. CRT (Cathode ray tube)
C. Optical scanners D. Voice – recognition devices
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21. Electronic spreadsheets are most useful in a situation where relatively ________ data must be input, and (but) ______ calculations are required.

A. Little, simple B. Large, simple
C. Large, complex D. Little, complex 
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22. ___________ is the product of data processing.

A. Data B. Information 
C. Software D. A computer
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23. Software instructions intended to satisfy a user’s specific processing needs are called____

A. Application software B. A microcomputer
C. Documentation D. Systems software
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24. The most common input device used today is the 

A. Motherboard B. Central processing unit
C. Keyboard D. System unit
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25. Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer?

A. A mount of main memory the CPU can use B. Speed of the output device
C. Capacity of the storage devices  D. Cost of the system
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