Basic Computer Knowledge :: Basic Computer Quiz Question And Answers

121. What is access time ?

A. Time required to locate and retrieve stored data B. Time required to restore data
C. Time required to copy and paste data D. None of above
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122. Data integrity refers to ?

A. Centralization of Data B. Security of Data
C. Duplication of Data D. Accuracy of Data
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123. All memory units are expressed as powers of ?

A. 2 B. 5
C. 10 D. 20
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124. Which type of software are device drivers

A. Application software B. System software
C. Utility software D. These are type of hardware
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125. Which of following allows two or more users to work on same time ?

A. Multiprocessing B. Multiprocessing
C. Multithreading D. Multicapable
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126. Which is not a function of operating system ?

A. Process management B. Internet Server management
C. Memory Management D. File Management
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127. Which is not true about Random Access Memory ?

A. Data can be read and written B. Data can be accessed randomly
C. Data is retained as long as the computer is powered on D. Data stays permanently written
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128. The set of wires, which carry information in a controlled manner, is known as ?

A. Public bus B. System Bus
C. Control Bus D. Private Bus
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129. What is unit of speed of Super Computer ?

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130. Which of the following software is interacts with the hardware ?

A. Application software B. Interprator
C. System software D. Utility program
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