Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 7 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

16. Non-banking  financial companies, producer companies and LAB come under the category of For-Profit-MFIs. LAB means ?

A. Local Area Banks B. Loan Area Banks
C. Local Axis Banks D. Legal Area Banks
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17. SKS Micro-finance Ltd, the only listed micro lender in the country founded by __________

A. Sudipa Sen B. Vikram Akula
C. Kunal Ghosh D. M. B. N. Rao
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18. Who launched an 'India Micro-finance Platform', a portal on micro-finance activities across the country, with the assistance of World bank funds on 28th June 2013?

A. Exim Bank B. SIDBI
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19. SIDBI related statements are given. Pick the wrong statement.

A. It was established on 2nd April 1990 B. SIDBI means Small Industries Development Bank of India
C. its head office is in Nagpur D. It is the principal financial institution for the promotion, financing and development of industry in the small scale sector
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20. Who is the new Chairman & Managing Director of Allahabad Bank (from 12th March 2014)?

A. Rakesh Sethi B. S. K. Roy
C. T. C. A. Ranganathan D. Rahul Khullar
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21. Who put the signature on the paper currency having denomination of Rs. 2 and more ?

A. RBI Governor B. Finance Minister
C. Finance Secretary D. Prime Minister
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22. Bank branches which can undertake foreign exchange business directly are known as :

A. Authorized dealer B. Foreign dealers
C. Overseas branches D. Approved dealers
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23. Who determines the denominations of Paper Currency ?

A. RBI B. Government of India
C. Deputy Governor D. Ministry of Commerce
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24. Which paper currency has the Lowest circulation in India ?

A. 50 B. 40
C. 30 D. 1
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25. _____________ paper currency has the Highest circulation in India ?

A. 10 B. 20
C. 30 D. 40
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