Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 4 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

6. Which of the following is NOT among the six infrastructure industries that comprise the "Core Sector"?

A. Crude Oil B. Petroleum refinery products
C. Chemicals and fertilizers D. Coal
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7. A systematic record of all economic transactions between residents of a country and the rest of the world in a year is known as?

A. Net Capital Flow B. Balance of Payments
C. Balance of Trade D. Absolute Flow
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8. Which is the first Committee that gave its recommendations relating to Mechanization of Banking System?

A. Saraf Committee B. Rangarajan Committee
C. Kishore Committee D. Narsimhan Committee
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9. Which one of the following is a Transfer Payment?

A. Net Factor Income earned from abroad B. Interest on public debt paid by the Govt
C. Bonus to employees by the govt or enterprises D. Employer's contribution to contributory provident fund of employees
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10. Which of the following is NOT the part of the scheduled banking structure in India?

A. Money Lenders B. Public Sector Banks
C. Private Sector Banks D. Regional Rural Banks
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11. Govt of India in March 2011 conferred the miniratna status on which of the following PSU's?

A. National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) B. Air India Charters Ltd
C. Cement Corporation of India D. Reserve Bank of India
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12. The Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council headed by C. Rangarajan has submitted its report on economy "The Economic Outlook and the Review". WHo among the following is NOT a member of it?

A. Suman K Bery B. Dr Sumitra Choudhary
C. M. Govinda Rao D. BB Bhattacharya
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13. When banks accept a fixed sum of money from an individual for a definite term and pay on maturity with interest, the deposit is knwon as

A. Term Deposit B. Demand Deposit
C. Bond D. Mortgage
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14. The committee set up by the Group of Ministers (GOM) to examine the "Go and No Go Sytem" for coal mining was chaired by planning commission member

A. N. K. Sinha B. B. K. Chaturvedi
C. K. P. Geeta Krishnan D. M. S. Swaminathan
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15. A type of cheque which is more than six months old is a _____________

A. Mutilated Cheque B. Stale Cheque
C. Crossed Cheque D. Post-dated Cheque
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