Banking Awareness Questions :: IBPS PO & Clerks Set 2 Question And Answers

Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability

11. When prices rise moderately and the annual inflation is a single digit, then that type of inflation is called ?

A. Trotting Inflation B. Push inflation
C. Pull inflation D. None of these
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12. Which of the folllwing bank doesn't fall under the category of Commercial Bank ?

A. Personal Bank B. Commodity Bank
C. Nationalized Bank D. Co-Operative Bank
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13. Which of the following statement is TRUE ?

A. Banks cannot accept demand and time deposits from public. B. Banks can accept only demand deposits from public
C. Banks can accept only time deposits from public D. Banks can accept both demand and time deposits from public
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14. Cheque which is crossed can be encashed only ___________

A. Through SBI B. Through the Payee Bank
C. Through any Bank D. Through Draft
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15. Minimum cash reserves fixed by law constitutes

A. A percentage of aggregate deposits of the bank B. A percentage of aggregate loans advances of the bank
C. A percentage of capital and reserves of the bank D. A percentage of the reserve capital
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16. Shivani deposited Rs. 10000 in Union Bank of India and got Demand Draft. He wants to cancel the Demand Draft. Then ?

A. Once Demand Draft issued, it cannot be cancelled B. Only after 90 days the Demand Draft can be cancelled, as the Demand Drafts cannot be cancelled during the valid date period.
C. He can approach any public sector bank to cancel the Demand Draft, as Union Bnak of India is also a Public Sector Bank. D. Demand Draft can be cancelled by Union Bank of India. However the cancellation charges may be there.
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17. Cash credit is one of the forms of ___________

A. Recurring credit to NRI B. Cash Deposit slip in bank branch
C. Loan D. Withdrawal facility in minor account
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18. One of the highlights of the cash credit is ?

A. Very useful for industrial concerns B. Renewable loan, if there is no default in the payment of interest
C. Flexible schedule of payments is attractive in this loan D. All of the above
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19. Bharath has an account in Punjab National Bank. He issued a cheque of Rs. 1000 to Raghu. Who is the drawee in the above case ?

A. Bharath B. Bharath and Raghu
C. Raghu D. Punjab National Bank
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20. Amar has an account in State Bank of India. He issued a crossed cheque to Satish. Then sathish _______

A. Should deposit cheque in his bank account. B. Satish can cancel the crossing to get cash
C. Can go to bank counter and get money directly D. Can ask the bank to change crossed cheque in to bearer cheque to get cash
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