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11. Many banks have adopted / launched 'Core Banking Solutions' (CBS). Core Banking solution is?

A. A marketing strategy adopted by the banks B. A new type of ATM useful for rural population
C. A delivery channel for quick and fast delivery D. A new product launched to help senior citizens only as they are not able to visit branches / ATMs frequently.
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12. The bank rate means ___________

A. Rate of Interest charged by commercial banks from borrowers B. Rate of Interst at which commercial banks discounted bills of their borrowers
C. Rate of interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits D. Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills of exchange of commercial banks
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13. As per the revised guidliens issued by RBI on 3rd January, 2001?

A. the minimum paid-up capital requirement of a newly set up private sector bank shoudl be atleast Rs. 200 crore and it should be raised to Rs. 300 crore within three years of commencement of business. B. the minimum capital adequacy ratio for newly set up private sector bank shas been fixed at 10 percent on a continuous basis from the commencement of operations
C. Only 1 D. Both 1 and 2
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14. Which of the following are the recommendations of the International Group (Chairman : Shri A. V. Sardesai) set up by RBI in regard to strengthening and viability of RRBs?

A. Merger/ amalgamation of RRBs to improve operational viability B. Change of sponsor banks to enhance competitiveness
C. Governance and management and scope for improving profitability D. All of these
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15. Fixing of charges for various types of services like issuance of demand draft etc. except cheques collection provided by urban co-operative banks is done by

A. Reserve Bank of India B. the Indian Bank's Association
C. NABARD D. the bank itself which should not be out of line with the average cost of providing the services
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16. The formal way of lending includes ___________

A. Private Sector Banks B. RRBs
C. Public Sector Banks D. All of above
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17. The village people take more loans from non-institutional sources (informal route). It includes _______

A. Scheduled banks B. Money Lenders
C. Rural banks D. Co-operative banks
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18. Soft loan characteristic feature is ___________

A. Shot period and more rate of interest B. Long period, more rate of interest with no grace periods
C. Long period, less rate of interest with grace periods D. Long period, more rate of interest with grace period
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19. "Loan Servicing" means ?

A. A mortgage bank or sub-servicing firm collects the timely payment of interest and principal from borrowers. B. Helping the customer to get loan in other banks by providing the details of the running account.
C. Giving a loan if the customer has any deposit D. Lending the money
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20. A loan allows the person to pursue higher studies is _____________

A. Education Loan B. Higher studies loan
C. College Admission loan D. Passing Loan
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